2018 Performers

If you are interested in participating in Trails Tales Tunes as a performer or otherwise, please drop us a message at  info@trailstalestunes.ca . We accept expressions of interest all year round, however July – October is the best time to get in touch for the following year’s festival.


  • Young Performers:
  • Nicole Higgins
  • Kaylee Gerrow
  • Jillian Wight
  • Zoey Corbin Dwyer
  • Elizabeth Clarke
  • Avari Duffy
  • Danielle Duffy
  • Dawson Greene
  • Kingston Hinks
Additional bios will be added as they become available.



Amala is the duo of Reidun Schlesinger (harps) and Paul de Grae (guitars). We play music from several centuries, in original arrangements. The core of our repertoire is Irish: traditional Irish tunes, and music from the Irish harp repertoire; we also play tunes from various continental European countries, Renaissance and early classical pieces, some jazz, and our own (rather jazz-tinged) compositions.

Reidun is originally from Belgium and has lived in Kerry (south-west Ireland) since 2008; she has considerable experience of playing solo and in bands in Belgium, Germany and France, and recorded three CDs with the Belgian band Amorroma.

From Dublin, but now also based in Kerry, Paul has played and recorded with Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly, Aoife Ní Chaoimh & Paudie O’Connor, and the trio Smoky Chimney, among others. In 1989 he published “Traditional Irish Guitar”, the first such tutor book; and he has written for The Companion to Irish Traditional Music, An Píobaire and other publications.

We co-presented “From Chieftain’s Court to Polka Sets: 500 Years of Harping in Kerry”, a lecture/recital in the “Handed Down” series in Scartaglin Heritage Centre in Kerry, and we presented an expanded version as part of Na Píobairí Uilleann’s “Notes and Narratives” series in their                                                                                            Dublin headquarters.

                                                                        Our CD “resonance” was released in June 2016.


Angus Stewart

Angus Alexander Stewart, born Jan.31/1960 at Springdale NL, to Scottish(father) and English(mother) immigrant parents. Calls Ramea home for the past 50 yrs, married to a Ramea girl and have one son and two grandchildren. Currently working in Norris Point on the tour boat the EmmCat . Enjoys playing guitar and bass and songwriting. One commercial CD release, Reefer, Hold Fast,(all original material) and one in progress ,also  all original material. Have had my songs recorded by Shanneyganock, Anchors Aweigh, Jeff Quilty, Fergus O’byrne/Jim Payne, and Jordan Harnum(in progress).




Barbara Bellows

Barbara Bellows began her singing career while earning her music education degree at Boston University. She performed in the folk tradition in coffee houses and college concerts. In the early 1970’s, she helped form a group, “The Canaan Concertante”, that performed Renaissance and Baroque music with voice, recorders, shawms, sackbut and guitar. In 1978, she issued an LP album called, Barbara Bellows: At the Bee and Thistle Inn, featuring traditional songs that she sang a cappella or accompanied by herself on guitar, recorder or Appalachian dulcimer. In the late 1990’s, she helped form ArtCare, bringing art and music to patients at the Dartmouth- Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon. NH, by singing with or for patients, putting poems to music, etc. She still teaches piano and continues to perform at various venues including TTT.   Facebook






Bernard & Robert Felix

Tucked away on the tiny Port-au-Port peninsula, in breath-taking western Newfoundland, is the even tinier community of L’Anse-a-Canards. It’s inhabitants, including Bernard and Robert Felix, call their home Black Duck Brook or “Blackdebrook”, spoken rapidly as one word.

Bernard Felix’s accordion has been a natural extension of his body since he first picked it up at age nine. Even an industrial accident which crushed his right hand couldn’t separate him from his accordion. Forced to amputate  three fingers, doctors were able to surgically replace two, and Bernard was soon “playing at the speed of light” once more. Bernard is presently a traditional accordion music instructor at the French schools at Cape St. George & Mainland.

Robert, Bernard’s brother, has always had a passion for music, singing,and playing the guitar at many house parties, festivals and the local community center since the age of fifteen. With his guitar harmonizing with Bernard’s accordion, the two produced music full of joy, excitement and melancholy, spanning centuries and continents. Robert works for the French Organization in Black Duck Brook for the last 20 years or so.

Since 2003 Robert has taken place of Norman Formanger, who played with Bernard for nine years as Felix and Formanger. Since being “discovered” in 1994, Bernard & Norman have been invited to perform before royalty and heads of state in Canada and Europe. With his feet tapping as fast as his fingers are flying, bilingual Barnard acted as the duo’s spokes person, and is becoming recognized as an accordion virtuoso.

Felix and Formanger recorded two tapes, Jigs and Reels & A Little Duo of Accordion Music; and two Cd’s; Between the Jigs and Reels & Carrying on the Tradition. Bernard recorded an additional CD in 2007 intitled “A Song For My Mother Mary”


Bud Davidge

Singer songwriter and part of duo SIMANI (Bud Davidge and Sim Savory) from 1977 to 1997. Recorded twelve albums over that period. Bud continues to write and record solo projects up to the present with five solo albums released to date. Owns and operates SWC Productions Inc in English Harbour West NL provided duplication services to artists in audio cassette media from 1991 to 2000 and CD replication during that time and continues on a limited scale. Complimenting this was Sim’s Studio in Belleoram ,a recording studio owned and operated by Sim from 1984 to his passing in 2010.

SIMANI  has had many appearances and performances through TV and video with the must notable being the Land and Sea episode called “A Fortune Bay Christmas” now commonly referred to as “The Mummers Show” which has been broadcast on CBC Television every year since 1986.  Some of the most memorable songs from the SIMANI catalogue are: The Mummers Song, Music and Friends, The Loss Of The Marion, Outport People,and Black And White . During their tenure SIMANI was awarded two achievement awards: The ECMA award for Pioneers in  East Coast Music and  the Life time Achievement Award from Music NL.  Apart from the music recordings there are two books, The Mummers Song Children’s Book,and  A Songbook Of Original Songs Written by Bud Davidge and Recorded by SIMANI.
In 2012 Bud was awarded a Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Memorial University for his contributions to the local music community.
Bud does not regularly do performances now but only special appearances with other artists and charity events especially as part of the local cancer fundraisers and the local Festivals in the Fortune Bay area where he resides. He still writes and does occasional recordings.     Facebook


Burgeo Turnoff

Derrick Mercer, a 52 year old Burgeo native, is manager at Sandbanks Provincial Park, near Burgeo, NL, and is an avid outdoor enthusiast, an artist and also a musician.  He plays guitar, writes a few of his own ditties and sometimes taps on a bodhran.

Tom Cutler, a 53 year old resident of Burgeo for about 20 years, works with the Canadian Coast Guard and when not playing ice hockey, snowmobiling or skiing the hills near his adopted home, he can be found plucking the strings of his banjo, bouzouki or mandolin and writing brilliant songs.

Together these former ‘Sears catalog models’, add a Celtic sounding twist to covers that they perform, and also throw in a few of their own tunes for fun.



Dave Penny

Dave Penny has been a steady presence on the local folk scene as a composer of songs that are truly unique to Newfoundland and Labrador.  He has been a key figure in resurgence in popularity of Newfoundland recitations, along the way contributing popular pieces like Johnny Chrome and A Townie Courted a Bayman’s Daughter to the local folk repertoire.  

Dave’s second and most recent recording—All Turned Around—has been nominated for a 2017 MusicNL award for Celtic/Traditional Artist of the Year and a 2017 Canadian Folk Music Award for Traditional Singer of the Year.  The album
promises to further strengthen his position as one of Newfoundland and Labradors most fun and diverse entertainers, with its razor-sharp commentary on songs like Chase The Ace and #darkNL, and its driving accordion tunes.    Website      Video


Donovan Thorimbert

Donovan Thorimbert’s a Montreal-based folk and roots entertainer. His five-string clawhammer banjo playing and traditional vocals take audiences back to the old times, when there were no cells phones to check and music was the entertainment of the day. Drawing on diverse old time genres, Donovan takes his audiences on a tour through the country and blues of the 1920s and 30s, with regular nods to the work of Mississippi John Hurt.  

In 2017, Donovan organized a concert paying homage to the life and work of Mississippi John Hurt and Montrealers went wild for it. Coming off the success of the event, he’s set his sights on recording an album featuring his favourite country-blues interpretations, including songs from John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton, Blind Blake and Dock Boggs. The album titled ‘Can’t Justify the Blues’, will be available in early 2019.

Donovan will be performing at folk festivals and cafes all across Eastern Canada and Newfoundland this May.  His melodious, finger-picked accompaniment combined with a unique flare for storytelling make Donovan an act that delights and entertains audiences of all ages.  He’s not to be missed! 


Folk of the Bay

A group of musicians in the Bay St. George are who have for the past several years  gotten together to enjoy  making music. The group is comprised of Violin , accordion and mandolin players. When the sounds of the Bodhran, guitar and wistle are added we have the group known as The Folk of the Bay.





Fred Jorgensen & Arthur O’Brien (The Navigators)

From the rocky Atlantic shores of Newfoundland The Navigators have worked their way to the top of the Eastern Canadian Folk/Roots music scene by performing music that is much like the province itself, rocky, energetic, un-predictable, and unforgettable.  Formed in 2000, The Navigators sound is based on two baritone lead singers who complement and contrast each other in ways that create fluid dynamic performances of both original and traditional material. The two lead singers also share lead instrument duties with acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, tin whistle and bodhran, backed by a stellar rhythm section. Their third and latest recording, Solders & Sailors is a mix of modern electric and acoustic folk and traditional Irish Newfoundland melodies, steeped in local folklore. Soldiers & Sailors features what Navigator fans have come to expect from their live shows – rollicking upbeat tunes perfect for kitchen parties, but also highlights a deeper, softer more serious side. Influenced by Newfoundland’s people, history, tragedy and rugged coastal beauty. The Navigators are working on a new sound recording to be  released in fall 2017.          

Website    Videos    Twitter    Facebook



Gary & Jennifer Mitchell

Old hands at it might well fit the description of Gary and Jennifer Mitchell, who have made great musical contributions to audiences and various events around the local area.  Gary is a singer-songwriter, an advocate for traditions and culture, and his songs capture the culture and life in Labrador. Jennifer is an accomplished accordionist, who puts the finishing touches on the songs they do. They are a father-daughter duo, and even though Jenn is only young, they have been at it together as a duo for the past 20 years, when Jenn played her first public appearance with her accordion at the age of five, at a Sunday School concert in Makkovik. Gary started his musical journey many years ago in Makkovik, and is a fourth generation of Mitchells who is known to be playing music publicly. They have been a very much a part of music scene and their love of playing music is shown in the many performances they have done, and the unselfish contributions they have made to the music scene here in the local area whether it be a Seniors function, a Christmas party, community BBQ, Summer Festivals, funerals, Church services, special events, Aboriginal celebrations, community events, fund-raisers, etc., you can be sure Gary and Jennifer will be among the line-up of performers, giving of their time and talents.

Gary’s younger daughter, Raylene, who also plays music, sometimes joins them on stage when she’s in town. Gary feels that family support from his wife, Barbara, and their two daughters have been an inspiration to keep him going all those years. He says that support from the general public, and other musicians in the area, has also been always an inspiration for them to keep on doing what they like to do. Gary recorded a solo album “Hanging On To Labrador” back in the early 90’s which included some traditional Labrador songs and some of his own compositions.

Gary and Jennifer a CD together back in 2008, entitled “Finding Our Way back Home”which included some jigs and reels, and more of Gary’s compositions. Hopefully, there’s another album in the making before long, so they are not about to give up anytime soon.


Gary & Whit

Gary & Whit are a duo in every sense of the word. Comprised of husband and wife, Gary and Whitney French, they are the perfect blend with their romantic harmonies and candid lyrics. Gary is also known for his work as an award winning solo artist while Whitney is an award winning visual artist. With Gary on acoustic guitar/vocals and Whitney on vocals, they marry each of their passions to become Gary & Whit. Taking cues from the folk and inspirational genres, this singer-songwriter duo creates honest songs with the ability to inspire. In October of 2015 they released their debut album, Matches, receiving much acclaim both provincially and nationally. Gary & Whit are from Goose Bay, NL and are now based on the west coast of the island in Corner Brook.    Facebook



Gayle Tapper

Gayle has been spotted over the years with her harp on stage with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, or playing exploratory music during the wild and fabulous Sound Symposium. Her harps are classical, Celtic, electric and South American and she is now mostly engaged with world/traditional music on her Paraguayan harp. Gayle teaches at the all-ages Vinland Music Camp, held each August in Gros Morne, and also plays regularly at the Seaside Restaurant in Trout River.




Heather Walter & Eric West

Heather’s communication skills and compelling voice coupled with Eric’s evocative guitar playing and original compositions have charmed audiences all across Canada. Songs such as ‘Macaroni and Cheese’, ‘The Brass Button Man’ and ‘Creatures at Home in the Sea’ have been loved by children (and adults) for generations.
Heather and Eric (Heather Walter and Eric West) have been playing together since 1988 – in schools, concert halls, festivals, children’s events, as well as on radio and television. The musical duo incorporate a strong environmental theme throughout their music, and their performances also convey an appreciation for maritime cultural heritage. Their commitment to these themes has been rewarded through a Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Award, a nomination for a Governor General’s Award, and as finalists for a 2000 Alberta Emerald Award.
As well as performing, Heather and Eric have also starred in three television specials and numerous radio programs with CBC (national and regional) and two television specials with Cable Atlantic. Their first CBC TV show, No Small Wonder won a North American Film and Video Award from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Heather and Eric have also developed a series of marine education musical videos for Sesame Street Canada that were broadcast nationally for several years.
Heather and Eric have produced two critically acclaimed studio recordings entitled Creatures at Home in the Sea and No Small Wonder. They also co-wrote a fictional children’s story/CD of songs, Wind Over Dark Tickle (Breakwater Books, Newfoundland, 1996) which led to a CBC radio special and a CBC national television show, broadcast in October of 1999. Their most recent publication is a songbook/CD entitled Let’s Sing a Song (Vinland Music, 2007) – an anthology of  25 of their original compositions and folk song arrangements.


Jeff Anderson

A native Newfoundlander, Jeff has lived in the Gros Morne region off and on over the past 36 years.  Since settling back here in 2016 Jeff has been joining local musicians with his accordion, flute and whistles.








Joanna Barker

Joanna Barker is a songwriter, singer and musician living in St. John’s. She has performed as part of such festivals as The NL Folk Festival, Lawnya Vawnya, The Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues, In the Dead of Winter Music Festival, Winterset in Summer Literary Festival, Full Circle Music Festival and has had the privilege of opening for both Jenn Grant and Sarah Harmer. Joanna’s debut album, February, saw her two Music NL Nominations and a spot on the Atlantis Music Prize short list and is currently in the studio working on her sophomore full length album. Joanna is the Program Director at Girls Rock NL, and the Co-Director of SWIM (St. John’s Women In Music). She sits on the Programming Committee for the NL Folk Festival and is curating her first show at Eastern Edge Art Gallery which opens in April of this year.   



Kacie Callahan

Kacie started out as a children’s’ entertainer in a family band, traveling around Newfoundland with her father and little sister.  She fronted rock cover band Papa String in her hometown of Grand Falls before branching out into own acoustic solo shows. Now residing on the West Coast of Newfoundland and loving every minute, Kacie writes her own material, as well as performing covers of all genres and decades including anything from Dean Martin, to  The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, and beyond.







The Kubasonics are arguably Newfoundland’s finest Ukrainian band. Winners of three 2017 MusicNL Awards (Group of the Year, Folk/Roots Artist of the Year, The Overcast Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year), their trademark sound combines top-flight musicianship spiced with quirky humour, a dizzying array of exotic traditional instruments, and an eclectic high-energy stage show. They have appeared in 9 of Canada’s provinces and territories. In March 2017 they performed and recorded in Trinidad as one of only 6 acts selected from the Atlantic provinces for the Club One New Releases program. In summer 2017 they completed a three-week tour of Eastern Europe, with concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

The Kubasonics’ newest CD “Kubfunland” takes listeners on a wild ride through a variety of musical styles and textures. The repertoire draws on a wealth of Ukrainian traditional material ranging from centuries old chants, ritual dance melodies, songs of love and troubled relationships, toe-tapping party music, and even a set of Newfoundland dance tunes. All are given a refreshingly new interpretation in the Kubasonics’ arrangements. “Kubfunland” was selected to the short list for the 2017 Borealis Music Award.

The Kubasonics have been featured on national Radio and TV broadcasts, including a television documentary based on their original song “Giants of the Prairies.” Their original song “Billy Mosienko” was played during the opening of
Hockey Night in Canada, while other songs are included on a variety of compilations, most notably the song “Polka from Lviv” on Alberta: Wild Roses and Northern Lights on the Smithsonian Folkways label.

The Kubasonics are:
Brian Cherwick: accordion, tsymbaly (hammered dulcimer), assorted other Ukrainian folk instruments (lira, bandura, duda, sopilka, telenka, dvodentsivka, drymba) & vocals
Maria Cherwick: violin, viola & vocals
Jacob Cherwick: drums & vocals
Darren “Boobie” Browne: guitar
Matt Hender: bass & vocals                       Website     Videos     Facebook


Lena Onalik

Lena Onalik is an Inuk from Makkovik, NL,  currently residing in Corner Brook. Lena has been throat singing since childhood with her late grandma, Susie Onalik.  She started Inuit drumming in 2006, with a group of urban Inuit in st. John’s as a means of reviving and keeping this tradition alive for Labrador Inuit. Lena enjoys sharing her culture and traditions through throat singing and Inuit drumming and storytelling.








LoveQueen is a West Coast rock cover group consisting of Kacie Callahan, Scott Sheppard, Tommy Basha and Jim Solo. To explain more than that is unnecessary. If you’ve ever enjoyed a classic rock, funk, pop or reggae tune, you’ll dig it. The beat and guitar are undeniable and have been operating for decades, the voice is a dynamic blend of powerhouse soul set with a captivating tone, and bass can only be described as an introspective rhythmic trip, both solid and spirited. All they really ask is that of but simplicity: to make a few bodies shake and cause a variety of hangovers and hoarse voices.

 Mark Bragg Band

Mark Bragg is a performing songwriter from St. John’s, Newfoundland, currently living in Corner Brook. He writes mostly dark narrative fiction songs, and for twenty years or so has been working with excellent musicians who back him up on super high energy shows in small bars.

He is currently working on a laid back “listening” type album on both CD and Vinyl, called “Winter”. “There’s a renewed calmness, a clarity, the words measured to be heard and felt. It feels crafted carefully, yet still so free” says Tom Baker of Hey Rosetta.

The mark Bragg Band includes: Mark Bragg, Neil Targett, Ford Burden & Paul Lockyear

Website      Videos     Facebook




Mena Lodge Charlie Payne & Darren Vincent

TRAD – a story telling, toe tapping, singing, scuffing evening of TRADitional music with local musicians Charlie Payne (accordionist), Mena Lodge (songstress), and Darren Vincent (guitarist).  A fine fit, this trio shares their talents and love of home with the audience. “We invite you to experience our Newfoundland and Labrador”.







Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald

Michael is a Music Newfoundland and Labrador award winner (The Catch-1999) and a SOCAN Songwriter of the Year nominee for his hauntingly beautiful ballad, “Whale Bones”. The Left Coast is Mike’s solo debut. It offers a great mix of original songs and classic tunes including a reggae version of Ron Hynes’ famous anthem, Sonny’s Dream. A light, thoughtful acoustic departure from Mike’s drumming work (The Catch, The Fables), The Left Coast is simple and beautiful.  Facebook




Richard Perso

Having blown away crowds at hundreds of venues, festivals and events across Australia, Richard Perso has already become a veteran of the music scene by his 20s.

With a guitar approach best described as ‘electrocuted acoustic’, blended with the world’s oldest wind instrument, the didgeridoo as well as a voice likened to that of Eddie Vedder, this one man show delivers a full on sonic performance that is energetic, unique, engaging and above  all, entertaining.

Already having blazed a trail across Australia performing alongside some of the countries biggest acts, made guest appearances on award winning albums, Perso has also performed alongside greats like B.B. King, the Black Keys and many others at some of the biggest blues and roots festivals throughout America and Canada. Perso has released 3 original albums, the latest of which, Heart Soul Mind, features Perso’s best work to date.
He is definitely one of those ‘not to miss’ acts!    Website     Videos


Rob Gillard


Roxanne Ryland

Roxanne Ryland ..storyteller from Deer Lake Newfoundland. I have been telling stories at schools, libraries, churches and many festivals for many years. I focus mainly on doing children’s storytelling and I also share many of my stories with visitors to the province whenever I get a chance to do bus tours. I focus on local stories as much as possible but I also enjoy doing fairy tales fables and legends..prior to telling stories I was a primary teacher for 31 years





Rube & Rake

Rube & Rake: are a folk/roots duo based out of St. John’s, NL, with a primary focus on creating sparse, stripped down songs. While many performers often look to expand their arrangements, the duo has found the opposite works best for them, allowing their harmonies and delivery of lyrics to come to the forefront. The two members, Josh Sandu (vocals/guitar/banjo) and Andrew Laite (vocals/guitar), have been honing their craft for the better part of four years, playing all across Canada. In the midst of releasing their debut album “Back and Forth”, the two are primed to have a busy year. They have recently appeared on CBC television as a feature artist on “Absolutely Canadian”, played multiple summer festivals in Newfoundland and Labrador, and are currently planning to tour their album across the country.



Sherman Downey

Sherman Downey’s music embraces Folk-Roots and Country while flirting with Pop-Rock and at times even Bossa Nova, but one thing is for certain; he just makes you feel good. His highly anticipated second release The Sun in your Eyes recently brought home Newfoundland and Labrador’s ‘Pop/Rock Recording’ award as well as a nod from SOCAN with the province’s ‘SOCAN Songwriter of the Year’ distinction. The album includes CBC’s first Searchlight Competition winning song ‘Thick as Thieves” and other gems like “Annalee” and “The Right Idea”; songs that have found regular rotation across Canada on Campus Radio and the CBC, as well as garnering attention internationally with airplay on stations in LA, Australia and the UK. Sherman continues to find his way into the hearts of listeners with his charming delivery of solid songs and has carved out a spot as one of the most exciting acts to add to your calendar this year. Website   Facebook   Twitter


Shirley Montague

Originally from Labrador, and having resided in Norris Point/Gros Morne for most of her life, it is no wonder that  Shirley’s writings are filled with nature’s imagery.  Through recordings and  performances, she has reached into the hearts and homes of many. 

Shirley has a unique guitar style and her voice  is often compared to that of Emmylou Harris.  She also takes pleasure in playing fiddle when the opportunity presents itself. 

 Shirley is the founder of the annual Trails Tales Tunes Festival and she continues to be  very involved in the growing arts and culture scene in the Gros Morne region.  She still makes time for performing, and particularly enjoys making music with others.


Swig Away

Swig Away are Ron O’Connell (Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Bodhran Drum, Bouzoukie) and Brian Rowsell (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Bass, Accordion)

Brian & Ron have played for family and friends for over 20 years with a love for Irish and Newfoundland traditional music. After many requests, we moved ourselves and our music to the public stage. Our songs range from Slow Irish Ballads like “ Dublin In The Rare Old Times” to very upbeat dancing songs like “Old Black Rum” ! We have also composed a few original songs like “Soul of and Island” that have been very well received… First and foremost we like to hear people sing along, tap their feet and have fun with an evening rooted in Traditional Newfoundland Style !
From Sea Shanties to Songs about our life in Newfoundland… that is who we are.      Website





The Catch


The Charmers

When a group of accomplished artists with a style all their own get together for an evening on stage it’s “The Charmers”. Bringing a variety of music style to create a hodge podge of fun. The band features a strong vocal front with Angela Brown and Lisa Clark singing lead and backup vocals with Tommy Basha (lead guitar/vocals), Scott Sheppard (bass), Tom Brennan (fiddle) and Paul Lockyer (drums) bringing music to your ears and getting you close to the floor. From rock, country, reggae, jigs and reels to original tunes, The Charmers is a show you don’t want to miss!!






The Sharecroppers

Ed, Mike, and the other “Guy” have been asking themselves lately, “Where has time gone?”  From that 1st show in 1988 at a Pasadena Academy “Dessert and Cabaret” evening to the now awesome Trails, Tales Tunes Festival in 2018, does that really add up to 30 years we ask???

 Wow! From our early classic song  “One Room School” to some new material you’ll hear at TTT, The Sharecroppers have been doing what we love to do best – writing, singing and promoting the wonderful culture and heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The great Irish folk singer Tommy Sands probably sums it up best for us when he says: “The Sharecroppers share that special musical warmth and songfulness that makes your face slacken into a smile of contentment as they take to the stage. They love Newfoundland and Newfoundland loves them and before the night is over, you’ll be loving them both.”  (Thanks Tommy!)

See you all on the 23rd of May in Norris Point for TTT 2018!

                                                                                  Ed,Mike&Guy             Website