Kevin Blackmore


Kevin Blackmore – raised in Gander NL, suffered identity issues, being a bayman in the wrong place. He moved to Glovertown and got better. Has been a professional entertainer and musician for over 40 years, which in his case means he’s been making noise all this time and passing it off as legitimate. His notoriety comes largely from his current ensemble of 36 years – Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. The trio started in1983 and commenced national touring by 1989. The group as created 20 albums and four full length Videos. They have appeared in over 360 towns and cities all over Canada exporting their brand of cultural based entertainment to people everywhere, efforts which have won them the Medal for Cultural Achievement from the Government of Canada and Honorary Doctorates from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Politicians and academics think they’re great. Though recently retired from national touring the group continues to do shows in Newfoundland. Kevin is active with volunteer efforts at the Diamond House in his home town, a small public art and performance facility. He claims to be a visual artist working primarily now in acrylic paints, (no improvement since his grade 1). He is an avid gardener (no evidence of this exists) and an enthusiastic hiker, walker, angler and a very poor hockey player. If you want to know anything more about him call his wife who has suffered him for almost 40 years, she’s the real brains of the outfit. In fact, she’s way more worthwhile knowing, I don’t know why this bio isn’t about her.

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