Les Benoit with Tyler Klassen

The Benoits with Tyler Klassen

Les Benoit

Whenever you hear the Benoit’s you’ll always be moved in every sense of the word by the stellar musicianship and wonderful spirit that continues through their music new and old. Rooted in the traditional music of Newfoundland’s Port Au Port area, the Benoit’s sound is a melange of French, Irish and Scottish influences.

Tyler Klassen

Coming from a family of music, Tyler Klassen has been entertaining audiences throughout his entire life. From playing festivals, gigs, right down to household parties, Tyler has been entertaining audiences all across the Atlantic region. Originating in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Tyler has been a part of a variety of groups including The Benoit’s, Smuggler’s Cove, and many other local bands. Singing and entertaining has always been a passion of Tyler’s, which is undeniably noticeable as soon as he steps foot on stage.

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