Shed Talk – Remembering Hollands Memorial

May 24, 2022
8:00 pm
Norris Point
J A Walsh Centre
Trails Tales Tunes
Shed Talk – Remembering Hollands Memorial
Remembering Hollands Memorial.
Next year – 2023 – marks 60 years since the opening of Hollands Memorial Central High School. While the building is gone, the memories remain. Join former teachers Zach Sacrey and Don Fudge as they recount tales of the old school, and their careers as educators. Former students, teachers and staff at the old school are encouragedĀ to come and share their own stories.
Photos that at one time lined the halls of the high school, and the old Memorial Elementary School in Norris Point will also be on display.
Come listen live at the Old Cottage Hospital in Norris Point from 8-9 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, or tune in live on VOBB at 95.9 and 98.1 FM, or online atĀ
Notes: Limited seating. 30 person capacity. Admission by donation. A recording will be available later.
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