Acoustically Hip


The Tragically Hip are known for their iconic sound, poetic lyrics, and their significant impact on Canadian music.

Join “The Acoustically Hip” consisting of Jamie Stone, Chris Matthews and Dustin Parsons as they present a special musical event dedicated to honoring the music and legacy of the Canadian rock band, the Tragically Hip.

The Acoustically Hip reimagine the songs of the Hip in an acoustic format, focusing on stripped-down arrangements and emphasizing acoustic guitars and acoustic percussion. The goal is to capture the essence of the Tragically Hip’s music while providing a fresh interpretation.

This tribute will include some of the Tragically Hip’s most beloved and iconic tracks, such as “Courage,” “Bobcaygeon,” “Ahead by a Century,” “Blow at High Dough,” and many others. Each song carefully arranged to suit the acoustic format, showcasing the beauty and depth of the band’s music in a new light.

This show will serve as a heartfelt homage to the Tragically Hip, celebrating their contributions to the Canadian music scene and ensuring that their music continues to resonate with fans. If you’re a fan of the Hip or just a fan of heartfelt acoustic music, this show is not to be missed.

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