Jamie Stone


Jamie Stone, A self-managed singer/songwriter from Corner Brook, discovered his love for music at a young age – singing and playing guitar at the age of 12, co-, founding a musical group at the age of 17, and joining another group at 20, he infused himself in the Corner Brook’s music scene.

Taking a solo career after a hiatus from performing, Jamie has been captivating audiences on the West Coast for the last 6 years. Beyond local venues, he has expanded his musical presence across the Bay of Islands area. In October 2021, he showcased his original tunes at the Rotary Arts Centre, marking a significant moment in his musical journey.

He was garnered recognition with a Music NL grant in 2023 and subsequently released two compelling and successful debut tracks, “Colour of You” and “Daisy Chain”in the latter part of the same year. These easy-listening, pop-rock compositions are primed for widespread radio play across Canada.

Eager for success, Jamie continues to evolve within the local and provincial music community.




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