A musical duo whose Bonne Bay Tuff family roots run deep in the rich cultural heritage of Newfoundland. Kendra Parsons and Paul Rumbolt unite on stage with an enchanting synergy that captivates audiences and creates a magical vocal experience.

Paul has a wealth of musical expertise – an accomplished musician and gifted songwriter, he’s a veteran performer. Paul infuses his music with a blend of western and eastern influences, crafting a uniquely Canadian folk experience.

Newcomer, Kendra possesses a warm contralto and a natural affinity for traditional ballads and country tunes. Emerging onto the wider folk stage, Kendra is quickly making a name for herself, charming audiences with her natural gift and ability to connect to a lyric.

Together, as Tuff, Paul and Kendra’s musical repertoire is as diverse as it is captivating. From Newfoundland and Celtic traditional tunes to haunting original ballads; from classic country to folk and light rock, their eclectic catalog showcases their individual and combined vocal strengths. When these two remarkable talents come together, their music resonates with emotion and authenticity, transporting audiences to a place where the past meets the present in harmony.


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